Weird Halloween Facts
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The Amazing, Marvelous, Strange and Wonderful

Welcome to another realm where day becomes night, death a beginning and superstition the only sensible explanation.
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It is a world of twisted turns and utterly, fantastic ends. A place where so many of us have the privilege of visiting but once out of the year. Here time stands still and creaking gates swing open to invite us to a land located betwixt imagination and fear. So come with me, won't you? Take a stroll down this beaten path of skeleton trees, unearthly hollows and dreams deferred. To a land— a land called Hallowe'en.

Halloween Frolics

A Humorous Sketch by One Who is Not
Afraid of Spirits.

I am not afraid of ghosts. The time was when I could not meet a ghost in a lonely spot and the pale moonlight, or have a ghost come to me in the dead waste and middle of the night and lay one of its cold, clammy bands upon my brow and beckon with the other for me to get up and follow it, without being scared; but now I would not mind a little thing like that.
I have been a close reader of ghost stories, and I have noticed that no person has been hurt by a ghost up to the hour of going to press. It would seem, therefore, that a ghost is about the only harmless sort of a thing that is in the habit of running about loose in the night time.
Weird Halloween Facts

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If you have ever met a ghost, you know, of course, that it does not come out of its hole and go fooling around in the damp night air to do you bodily harm. It conies out and steals softly to you merely because it cannot rest until it has gotten something off its mind, and it wants you to help it. Sometimes it has a lot of money buried down in the cellar or underneath the kitchen hearth, and it wants you to dig it up and have it for your own.
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