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Halloween Frolics PREFACE … AND WARNING!

Compiled a century ago, the following suggestions by Helen E. Hollister for entertaining at Halloween gatherings stand the test of time. They are truly as surefire a solution for Halloween amusement today as they were many years before. However, assuming that your expectations are much like mine had been before reading, “Halloween Frolics” than reader be warned! Many of the activities enclose in this curious, little collection are innocent fun. Yet, there are others that incorporate the element of danger, hence the title of Hollister’s full volume: Parlor Games for the Wise and Otherwise from where this page is adapted.
          So to all adventurous souls wishing to bring an extra bit of merriment in their celebrations take hede. Beware while all these activities mentioned were unintentionally harmless in their creation, some may take unsuspected turns. I must insist if enacting activities below please to do so exercising thoughtful discretion and sound judgement. That being said I wish all most eventful and safe Halloween occasion.


As weirdness and mystery are indissolubly connected with Halloween entertainments, A Phantom Party would be in accordance with the general custom of celebrating the night. The following directions will be found to be of practical use for those who desire to give such a party:
          The room in which it is held is draped in white cheesecloth. The lamps are covered with white shades lined with blue, which throw a ghastly light around the room. Soft music should be played. Ghosts, in long, white robes, flit noiselessly around the room, speaking no word except an occasional “Sh-h-h,” when there is too much noise. When one ghost begins “Sh-h-h,” all the rest must join in. Each ghost is marked with a letter pasted to the head-gear, just above the eyes. The guests try to guess each other's identity, and the one who is found to conceal his the best is presented with a prize. A card-tender, whose duty it is to receive the guesses and the names of the guessers, should be appointed. If it is desired to carry the ghostly effect into the , refreshment part of the programme, the table could be set with plain white dishes, ornamented with white flowers ; white sandwiches, made with white meat ; glasses of milk, angel cake, white cocoanut cake, kisses, and ice-cream could be served. For the ghostly toilet, it is only necessary to drape small sheets about the person, a pillow-case for the head-dress, a white mask and gloves. Burning alcohol, with a pinch of salt in it, will contribute greatly to the ghostly effect.


As the title of this game suggests, the object is to gather peanuts which have been hidden in every available nook and corner, in crevices of sofas and chairs, under bric-à-brac, on mantels and behind doors, etc. Each hunter is provided with a bag which is made with a piece of tape across the middle of the top, on which his name is written. As the peanuts are found they are placed in the bags. When it is thought that the hunting has continued long enough, the hunters are recalled to the room from which they started, and the contents of the bags are counted by a committee appointed for the purpose, and a prize is awarded to the hunter having the largest number of peanuts.


Score* two chestnuts in the form of an X. Place them on top of a hot stove. Name them for two gentlemen or ladies as the case may be. As they begin to cook they will swell and pop about, and one will probably knock the other one off the stove. The one which remains will be the favored one.

* To cut a notch.


If a person wishing the apple named be a gentleman, he holds the apple up to the company, requesting one of the ladies to name it. The one who responds to his request, mentally names it for some lady to whom she supposes the gentleman is partial. If the possessor of the apple be a lady, of course it is named for a gentleman. In either case, the apple must be eaten by the owner, and the seeds counted in the following manner:

1. I love.
8. Both love.
2. I love.
9. He comes.
3. I love, I say.
10. He tarries.
4. I love with all my heart.
11. He courts.
5. I cast away.
12. He marries.
6. He loves.
3. Health.
7. She loves.
14. Riches.

The number of seeds decides the fate.


Tie an apple by a string and let it hang in a door-way. Smear it over with molasses, and let each one of the company attempt to bite it as it swings. The victor is awarded a prize. Many sweet faces will be exhibited before the prize is won.


The host or hostess prepares a number of items that may be seemingly innocent in nature, but that are found to be strange or disturbing to the touch. Everyone takes a seat and passes the items, underneath the table or obscured from view, from one to the other. Players who refuse an item or drop it are eliminated from the game. Those brave enough to sit through the whole host of oddities are declared the winners.
goblin SNAP-DRAGON *

Place a number of raisins in a saucer or other hollow dish. Pour alcohol over them and then set fire to the alcohol. Let each one of the company try to “snap” out the raisins. If done very quickly the fingers will not be burned. The one who secures the greatest number of raisins wins a prize.

* Exercise caution, etc.


Pare an apple in a continuous round without breaking. When the paring [sic] is severed pass around the head three times and throw away over the left shoulder. As it drops to the ground the letter it forms is supposed to be the initial of a future husband or wife, as the case may be.


The kitchen is the proper place for this sport. Place a tub of water in the middle of the floor. Throw a number of apples with long stems into the tub. Each one of the company is to take his turn, on bended knees, and try to secure an apple between his teeth. The one who can capture the greatest number is voted the champion, and is crowned with apple parings. A pleasing variation of this game is as follows: Make a small incision in the side of a number of apples and insert, in each of them, a slip of paper bearing a single letter. Place the apples, as before, in a tub half full of water. Each guest, in turn, endeavors to “spear” an apple by holding an ordinary table fork about three feet above the tub and letting it drop. The letter within the captured apple is supposed to be the initial of the future husband or wife of the person who secures it. If preferable, the apples may, of course, be “bobbed for” as before.


Fill a medium-sized bowl with flour and press in compactly. Turn it out on a large plate, placed in the centre of a table. On top of the mound thus formed lightly lay a small ring.
          The object of the game is to slice as much flour from all sides of the mound as possible, without disturbing the ring. Each player has a broad-bladed knife, and each, in turn, removes a thin slice of flour, until, finally, only a slender column is left, with the ring on top.

The unlucky person knocking down the ring is obliged to pick it up from the pile of flour with his teeth. As he is probably laughing as heartily as the others, this is quite a difficult feat to perform.


A lighted candle and hand-mirror is given in turn to each one in the company, and they are requested to go to the top of the house, and then to come down all the stairs, even the cellar-stairs, backward, looking into the mirror at every step. The face that appears in the mirror is to be their particular affinity. The traveler should use great caution in descending, as a misstep might cause a terrible fall.

* In no uncertain terns is it not recommended for individuals to walk backwards on stairs.


Place three bowls or glasses, alike in appearance, close together upon the floor. Fill one with water, one with milk or milky water, and let the third stand empty. Blindfold one of the company and, after changing the positions of the various bowls, place him directly in front of them and about six feet away. Then request him to advance and, without any hesitation, place his finger in one of the bowls. This will, of course, decide the person's future, for, if be touch the empty bowl he will remain a bachelor all his life, if he finds the bowl of milky water he will have an unhappy married life, but if he puts his finger in the bowl of clear water he will marry a charming wife and his future happiness is assured.

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